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Don’t ever back me into a corner expecting me to break.

                           I do not go gentle.

             I will take every single tear I shed on your behalf and use it as ammo in the war that you started.

                               I will fight until I can’t fight anymore and I will win.

Because while I might seem fragile to you

                  { I have won more battles than you could imagine }

        and I am stronger than any warrior this planet could muster up.

                                                        You bite me and I will bite back.

           The trick is ——

                                         —— my teeth are [ s h a r p e r  ] than yours.

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this is the sort of web content i am looking to see every day

Anonymous: "i howl with my dogs at 2am" 

'Ey, it's not botherin' anyone.

I don’t really have any neigbours where I live’r anythin’, so’t’s not like I’m disturbin’ th’peace.

Anonymous: "Doesn't drink his milk >:(" 

…That’s ‘cause milk is fuckin’ gross.

Anonymous: "His pecs keep popping off shirt buttons" 

//it’s sad ‘cause it’s true

Anonymous: 'He put lizard in England's tea and scared him to death' around your neck. 

//totally proud to be wearing this one, aww yeah

Anonymous: "He ate all of New Zealand's food" 

Oh, c’mon! I didn’t eat all of’t!

Jus’ most of’t.~